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Prom Guide

In association with The 1 Stop Prom Shop. 1860 Suit Hire brings you the ultimate prom guide and countdown.

6 Months Before

Think about what you are going to wear – begin to shop around and most importantly, ask your friends what colour schemes they are going for.  You want to stand out and look amazing. This is when you really need to start doing your chores! Confirm who is buying what and agree your budget. Shop about for your transport, you want to arrive in style and show off your wheels.  Remember The 1 Stop prom shop will have transport in your area to choose from.

3 Months Before

Use your school Prom open evening to give you some ideas and tasters.Go through your 1 Stop Prom Shop guide and circle which shops you want to visit. Ensure you have confirmed your place at school and this may involve picking what you want to eat. Pay any deposits or final amounts for transport, dresses etc

Buy your gown/suit, remember online bookings can take several weeks to arrive.

Don’t worry if your dress/suit needs alterations, a local sewing shops can do this or find a really good auntie or granny to help out!

Match the perfect shoes and handbags – remember you’ll be dancing the night away so you will need something comfortable to wear all night (and that includes the after party)

Book that all important beauty treatment: hair, nails, eyebrows etc etc – remember The 1 Stop Prom Shop will have a selection of businesses in your area and some may have prom related discounts you can use for this time only.

In the Month Before

Buy or dig out your favourite accessories.  If you don’t get this right it could ruin your entire look! Keep it classy, elegant and in keeping with your outfit. Practice your makeup and hair and make sure you have everything in stock for the big night. Identify someone to take your pictures.  A professional photographer, friend or family member.  You don’t want to be missing friends off the pics if there is someone else who can take them.

Confirm all last minute arrangements with vendors (transport, photos, beauticians etc)

Have a whole outfit fitting, shoes, bags and accessories. Make sure you are happy with the look in its entirety.

The Day before

Have all your essential treatments, tanning, eyebrows, nail etc.  Ensure before these you exfoliate and pluck if necessary.

Remember to eat well and drink plenty of water.  This will keep your skin hydrated and blooming.

Hang everything up neatly together and make sure any last minute alterations are complete.

Walk in or polish your shoes……try putting a clean pair of socks around them to keep them pristine.

Get a really good night’s sleep so that there are no bags under your eyes.

On the Day

Try to relax and get ready in your own time, if you rush your likely to stress out.

Wash off any fake tan residue, this will keep your look natural and ensure there are not stains on your outfit.

Watch out for perfume or aftershave stains! Spray into the air and walk into it, rather than spraying directly onto your dress or suit.

Have all beauty regime planned out, and don’t put your outfit on until your just about to leave….unhelpful creases are not welcome today.

Make sure you eat something, I know you are probably filled with excitement however it’s a long time before your meal and it will keep your energy high with a good meal inside you.

Confirm last minute pick up time with your parents or guardian and ensure your mobile is fully charged….mobiles are often used as a camera once the photographer has gone home.

Don’t forget to say a massive thanks to those close to you who have made this event possible: mum, dad, grandparent and your teachers.

And finally…..have fun, be responsible and enjoy your night! This is a once in a lifetime experience and you don’t want to forget it.

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