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Speech Writing

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The thought of impending speeches can keep grooms, best men and fathers of the bride awake at night. This can be the most nerve racking part of the whole wedding (apart from what the stag party will do to you of course).

Will it be funny enough? What if no one laughs or what if I get too scared? For each member of the party there is a simple code of conduct to follow to ensure your speech is delivered to perfection!

Remember practice is key; ensure that you know your speech inside out and have practised in front of anyone who will listen, just not too many of the wedding party or they’ll all know what’s coming, of course.

Order of Speeches:

The traditional order of speeches is Father of the bride, Groom and finally the Best Man.

Follow these easy steps and ensure there isn't a dry eye in the house: either from emotion or sheer laughter.

Father of the bride

The father of the bride should praise the bride and tell a few anecdotes of her past, all good of course. You should then thank all the guests and people who have helped make the day so special.

Finally the father of the bride should then propose a toast to the “Happy Couple”. And welcome in his new son in law to the family. Easy as that!


Thank your new father and mother in law, compliment the bridesmaids and thank the Groomsmen (give out gifts to bridesmaids and mothers) and thank everyone who made a contribution to your special day.

Don’t forget the most important person here though, pay compliments to your new wife and tell her how you look forward to your future together.

Best Man

The best man’s speech has had a bad press of recent years. It is easier to keep your best friend if you keep to this simple formula:

Thank the groom on behalf of himself and the bridesmaids. Read out any cards/messages from people not in attendance, not too many though, people want to be amused here not bored to tears.

Tell a few anecdotes about the groom (keep off the topic of ex-girlfriends/wives, mother in laws and stag nights). Close all speeches by thanking everyone for coming and if all else fails just compliment the beautiful bride and bless their love.


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