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Wedding Countdown

Get ready for your big day

12 months

Pop the question- We’re guessing that you’ve done that already…

Decide on the date.

Decide on the budget.

Buy the wedding insurance before all the deposits start to roll in – that way you can relax and know everything is covered.

Consider a wedding planner – there to save you time, stress and in some cases money! Let someone else take the strain while you are left to enjoy the happiest day of your life.

Buy the wedding licence.

Hire the wedding outfits - book your appointment here. We recommend this to be the minimum amount of time to hire your suits to ensure that your designs and colours are in stock. It can also help to put your mind at ease.

8 months

Take responsibility of coordinating the following: rings, transport, grooms hire, stag do, photographer and entertainment. Don’t wait around too much, these things can get booked up early in advance so why risk it!

Consider offering to keep record of deposits and balances – this will keep you in the loop more and make you look super organised.

Visit – take a look at our hire range for style and colours to give you some ideas, what style will you be going for? Pop into store and try for yourself, you won’t know until you try it on.

Decide on the colour theme – once a theme is decided to and stuck to everything will look co-ordinated and organising will become easier.

Book the venues – Try before you buy. Whether you visit 12 venues or just one, make sure you know what the venues look and feel like at the same time of year as your wedding.

Book and meet with entertainment, cars and photographer – you want to know what these people are like if they’re playing a big part in your day. Getting a feel for them and their skills early on is the best thing to do.

6 Months

Buy wedding rings, there’s so much to choose from these days. Choose rings that represent you both as couple and make sure they fit well. You don’t want any embarrassing moments on the day.

Plan wedding list; Traditional department store wedding gift lists are becoming rare as more couples set up home before they marry. There are now loads of alternatives to the gift list, make sure you both know what you want and research this before you decide.

Book the honeymoon – two weeks on a sunny beach, a few days of luxury or a city break to New York? Where have you always wanted to go and where do you want to spend some special time away with your new wife?

3 months

Take yourselves off for a romantic and inspiring minibreak! Spend some quality time together away from the stresses and strains of the planning and before life starts to get a lot busier.

Send out invitations – include wedding list information, accommodation and theme information. Your guests need to know what’s going on so they can plan the rest of their life around your day.

Book hairdressers – your bride-to-be should choose begin to think about hair and makeup! Make sure you have trials and speak about your likes and dislikes, sooner rather than later.

Discuss menu options with caterer – and taste, taste, taste! If you’re paying for the food you want to make sure it’s as nice as possible.

2 months

Check passports – are you all up to date and prepared to jet off?

Schedule rehearsal – practice makes perfect! Every member of the wedding party should know what they’re doing on the day, if not it could be embarrassing on the day.

Learn to dance – this will help make the first dance special and one to remember for you both and all of the guests.

Buy gifts for the groomsmen – you will only do this once so pick something you know the groomsmen will love and cherish!

Organise the stag do – an important one! Quiet golfing trip or European City break? Decide on what’s going to work for everyone in your group. A once in a lifetime experience but can also be quite pricey.

1 month

Chase up and finalise the guest list. You don’t want spaces going to waste and can cause upset the longer you leave it! Don’t be afraid to chase people up to find out who’s definitely attending.

Have final fitting for hire suits – make sure everything fits perfectly, there’s nothing worse than looking back on your photos and seeing your trousers are too long or sleeves are too short. Perfection is key.

Remind all appropriate party members about their speeches. And write your own. There can be pressure to write the funniest, most emotional or clever speech but just do what feels right for you. Practice, practice, practice and try not to stress over it too much.

1 week

Phone confirmation of photographer, entertainment, honeymoon, transport etc. Make sure everyone is up to speed on what is happening and that fingers crossed, no one has forgot or gotten dates mixed up! Preparation is key.

Get a hair cut – Stick to what you know and don’t try anything too crazy the week before your wedding, you could regret it…


1 day to go

Groom - Send your bride a little gift for tomorrow. It’ll make her day and it’s your chance to show her how much you love her!

Pack for your honeymoon – don’t leave anything until the last minute, especially if you’re jetting off soon after the wedding.

Have an early night to look your best for tomorrow – you’re about to embark on the biggest day of your life! Relax and enjoy, the hard work is over. 


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